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Crepe Pan – 24cm (9.5")

Product ID: #6224   •   24cm (9.5")   •   1.18kg (2.60lb)
Create restaurant-quality crepes for breakfast, dessert or anything in between – right in your own kitchen! The Swiss Diamond 24cm (9.5 inch) Crepe Pan is ideal for making small omelets, crepes, or French toast, and to use as a miniature griddle. The crepe pan has a shallow rim to make perfectly round crepes every time, and features a sloping rear wall for easy flipping, doubling, and serving. Our diamond-reinforced nonstick coating is perfect for low heat cooking and retains heat better than other crepe pans currently on the market. All Swiss Diamond products are made of heavy cast aluminum construction distributes heat evenly and will never warp.

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Product ID:  #6224
Dimensions:  24cm (9.5")
Weight:  1.18kg (2.60lb)
Depth:  N/A
Volume:  N/A
Base Diameter:  N/A

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