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Fry Pans (Standard)

Nonstick Square Fry Pan 28x28 cm (11" x 11") - Swiss Diamond Cookware
Square Fry Pan

New in 2014, the Swiss Diamond square fry pan offers additional cooking area without taking up extra space on the stovetop or in your cupboard. At 28×28 cm (11″ x 11″) it has plenty of room for all your favorite meals. Made of cast aluminum, the skillet distributes heat evenly into the corners, while the bottom is trimmed round to fit a standard stove eye. Cast aluminum construction will never warp, and the comfortable handle is designed to stay cool while cooking on the stove. Like all Swiss Diamond products, it is oven-safe up to 260 degrees C (450 degrees F). Matching lid available separately.

Fry Pan with Lid

The largest Fry Pan in the Swiss Diamond collection, this 32 cm (12.5 inch) skillet is ideal for your biggest meals, including full-size cuts of meat and one-dish recipes. The tempered glass lid is sturdy to withstand years of use and incorporates an adjustable steam valve to easily regulate the moisture level inside the pan. Searing meats like stainless steel is easy with Swiss Diamond’s innovative coating – diamonds conduct heat four times better than copper, allowing the pan to reach searing temperature over medium heat. Simply preheat the pan for 2-3 minutes, until a droplet of water splashed in the pan starts to gently spit and jump. Best of all, there is no elbow grease needed after the meal to remove the fond. Hot water and a soapy sponge will easily remove all food residue without scrubbing.

Fry Pan

Swiss Diamond’s largest skillet, the 32 cm (12.5 inch) Fry Pan, is a kitchen essential for every home chef. The patented coating browns like stainless steel but cleans up like nonstick – a dream come true for any cooking enthusiast! Cast aluminum construction will never warp and heats food evenly and efficiently. Real diamond crystals are embedded in the nonstick coating to create a durable and resilient cooking surface. Safe for dishwasher use, but we recommend hand washing. Oven-safe up to 260°C (500°F). Made in Switzerland.

Fry Pan with Lid

This PFOA-free skillet is impeccably crafted to meet the expectations of cooking enthusiasts all over the world. At 28 cm (11 inches) in diameter, it is large enough for family entrees, while the comfortable handle ensures a secure, confident grip. Use it in the oven or on any gas/electric stove – this Fry Pan is a hard-working necessity for busy kitchens. With the included tempered glass lid, the chef can easily monitor the progress of a dish without raising the cover. Braise, steam, sear and saute – a Swiss Diamond non stick frying pan with lid can handle any task you can dream up, from glazing pork chops to pan-frying fish fillets. Swiss Made.

Fry Pan

Ideal for family meals, the Swiss Diamond 28 cm (11 inch) Fry Pan is spacious enough to hold four chicken breasts and other family meal portions. Obtaining a healthier lifestyle has never been this simple – the diamond-reinforced nonstick coating allows cooking with little to no oil. Imagine making all your suppers without ever having to add the fat and calories of cooking oil! The sturdy cast-aluminum body will never warp, while the ergonomically designed handle stays cool on the stovetop. Need to finish your meal in the oven? This fry pan can handle it with ease – all Swiss Diamond cookware is oven-safe up to 260°C (500°F). Suitable for use on all gas and electric stovetops. Made in Switzerland.

Fry Pan with Lid

Swiss quality is visible in every aspect of the Swiss Diamond 26 cm (10.25 inch) Fry Pan. Watching your waistline? Unparalleled nonstick performance allows cooking with little to no oil to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Wave goodbye to tirelessly scrubbing and soaking dirty skillets – the diamond-reinforced patented coating ensures easiest release of food particles with just hot, soapy water. A helping handle on the edge of the pan makes two-handed tasks effortless. A smooth interior without rivets prevents unpleasant food deposits that could lead to unsanitary residue. Dishwasher safe, but we recommended hand washing. Suitable for all gas and electric stovetops – for an induction version, please see our Induction Collection. Also available with a heat-tempered glass lid.

Fry Pan

Adopt a healthier lifestyle by inviting Swiss Diamond cookware into your kitchen. Unparalleled nonstick performance allows home chefs to use this 26 cm (10.25 inch) Fry Pan with minimal to no oil. Say goodbye to scrubbing stubborn food particles off your pans – the diamond-reinforced surface guarantees immediate release with just warm water and soap. The ergonomic handle is securely attached without rivets to inhibit bacteria growth and a helping handle positioned on the lip of the skillet makes two-handed tasks simple. This item is safe for dishwasher use, but we recommend hand washing. Heat-tempered glass lid sold separately. For an induction-compatible version, please take a look at our induction products.

Fry Pan with Lid

Prepare everything from bacon and burgers to more delicate items like eggs and seafood in Swiss Diamond Fry Pans. This 24cm (9.5 inch) skillet is designed for small portion cooking. Whip up two or three portions of fluffy scrambled eggs – sloped sidewalls and a perfectly flat bottom make it easy for you to maneuver a spatula underneath your food to flip or remove it. A durable heat-tempered glass lid fits snugly on top of the pan and features an adjustable vent allowing you to contain or release steam while cooking. Transfer this versatile skillet from stovetop to oven as all Swiss Diamond cookware is oven-safe up to 500°F (260°C).

Fry Pan

Possibly the most versatile piece of cookware available, the Swiss Diamond Fry Pan is a kitchen essential. The 24 cm (9.5 inch) skillet is a perfect wedding present or housewarming gift, as it’s the perfect size for cooking for two. Brown a chicken breast like stainless steel on the patented nonstick coating, then throw the pan right in the oven to finish off the most delicious meals. All Swiss Diamond Pans are heat rated up to 260 degrees C / 500 degrees F. Washing is a breeze: simply wash with hot soapy water; no scrubbing or soaking will be necessary. Also available with a heat-tempered glass lid.

Fry Pan with Lid

From eggs and bacon at breakfast to fish, chicken, or steak at dinnertime, Swiss Diamond’s 20 cm (8 inch) open skillet with lid is a great all-around performer when cooking for one or two. The advanced Diamond nonstick coating is designed for healthy low-fat cooking, eliminating the need for any oils or fat when cooking. The diamond reinforcement makes it tough enough for everyday use. Even the most delicate foods, such as eggs and crepes can be cooked without sticking, and cleanup is quick and easy. The securely screwed-in handles stay cool and are oven-safe to 260 degrees C (500 degrees F), so food can be browned on the stovetop then transferred to the oven to finish cooking.

Fry Pan

Swiss Diamond continues its commitment to superior quality and innovation. Designed to cook evenly and clean up easily, this 18cm (7 inch) open skillet is the perfect complement to the Swiss Diamond nonstick cookware line. The finest materials are crafted into a full and functional compilation of classically shaped pieces. The beautifully designed fry pan has sloped sides and wide flat bottoms for frying, sauteing, or browning. When you’re preparing side dishes or small meals, the 7 inch skillet is the ideal addition to your Swiss Diamond collection – or, if you have never tried a piece of diamond-reinforced nonstick cookware, this could be the perfect start to a whole new way of cooking. Tempered glass lid is available.

Fry Pan

From the perfect omelette to beautifully seared meats, Swiss Diamond cast aluminum pans deliver non-stick performance with a seamless diamond reinforced coating. The coating process creates a bond between the pan and its nonstick coating, creating a pan that will stand up to years of use. Swiss Diamond’s 20 cm (8 inch) fry pan heats evenly, will never warp, and requires only a soapy sponge to wash. The secret is Swiss Diamond’s custom nonstick coating formula reinforced with real diamond particles. The skillet’s perfectly flat base will not tip or spin, and prevents hot spots. Also available with a tempered glass lid sold separately.