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Wok with Lid – 36cm (14")

Product ID: #61136c   •   36cm (14")   •   3.98kg (8.77lb)
Swiss Diamond’s 6 liter (6.3-quart) Nonstick Wok is an ideal companion for your kitchen adventures. Whip up large portions of stir fry and other Asian favorites in this hefty vessel, which measures 36 cm (14 inches) in diameter. Short handles on either side provide excellent control, and the absolutely flat base is stable on the stove. Made of heavy-duty cast aluminum, this wok will never warp – unlike carbon steel – and it does not need a wok ring. Enjoy superior handling and unsurpassed stability while you prepare your dish, followed by painless clean-up after you finish. Even sticky, thick sauces will glide right off the unique non stick coating. Its sturdy cover is made of tempered glass for easy examination of the meal’s progress, and features a steam vent in the knob that can be opened or closed to control the level of moisture. The wok also includes a bonus tempura rack for draining foods.

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Product ID:  #61136c
Dimensions:  36cm (14")
Weight:  3.98kg (8.77lb)
Depth:  9cm (3.54")
Volume:  6L (6.3qt)
Base Diameter:  N/A

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