What is the difference between all of the Swiss Diamond product lines?

Swiss Diamond: Classic Series

The Swiss Diamond classic series features our revolutionary HD nonstick coating made of real diamond crystals. Each pan contains up to 200,000 diamond crystals, creating excellent quality cookware that conducts and distributes heat evenly. Diamonds have natural nonstick properties, making this Swiss Diamond line internationally known for its luxury and superior performance.



Swiss Diamond: Induction Series

Induction stoves heat cookware through magnetic induction rather than thermal conduction or electrical heating. Induction stoves use copper coils to produce magnetic fields, and these magnetic fields only heat ferromagnetic items. Swiss Diamond developed the induction series to cater towards those using induction stoves. The classic series, while made from premium quality cast aluminum, is not magnetic, therefore, it is not suitable for induction stovetops. Though our classic line cannot be used on induction stoves, our induction line can be used induction, electric, or gas stoves.


Swiss Diamond: Prestige Clad

Swiss Diamond - Prestige Clad 9.5" Fry PanLooking for the next thing to thrill you in your kitchen? Swiss Diamond’s all new Prestige Clad line sets new standards with an ultra-sleek stainless  design that will floor you.  Its elegant 5 ply stainless body and new Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating deliver a cooking experience from start to finish that will leave you breathless...or at least wanting to make tomorrow’s dinner tonight. The Prestige Clad line is designed to out preform all other nonstick stainless cookware.  Designed with the home chef in mind, we use welded  stay cool handles for added comfort and stability, and the 5 layer stainless body provides excellent heat distribution.  The Swiss Diamond XD coating
will not let anything stick, making cleanup effortless.

Swiss Diamond: HD Pro

The difference between Swiss Diamond’s classic series and HD Pro is that HD Pro features a stainless steel exterior and a waffle-style interior finish. Chefs have said that the stainless steel exterior works to optimize “the flip” – the strategic wrist movement cooks use to toss food in the pan – while the handles on the classic series are designed more ergonomically. BOTH the Swiss Diamond classic series and HD Pro are made in Switzerland and conduct heat evenly. If you cook on a gas stove, you may notice that the stainless steel base and sides may become discolored over time; however, this does not affect performance. Unlike the classic series, the stainless steel base requires a fair amount of elbow grease when cleaning to keep the cookware in pristine condition. 


Swiss Titan

Because the Swiss Diamond classic series was successful in the high-end cookware category, Swiss Diamond released Swiss Titan – which brings premium quality items to the mid-range cookware category. While the Swiss Diamond classic series features a nonstick coating using real diamond crystals, Swiss Titan replaces the diamond crystals with titanium instead. Though the strength and heat conductivity of titanium rank below diamonds, Swiss Titan’s coating provides an excellent high-quality nonstick base.


Premium Steel

Premium Steel is Swiss Diamond’s most recent revolutionary product line, suitable for stovetops of all kind. Unlike the classic series, Premium Steel features a beautiful stainless steel body, aluminum core, and induction base plate. The handles on the Premium Steel cookware collection are ergonomically designed to stay cool, while its stainless steel shine give it a modern and sleek look.



All images shown are of the 9.5" (24cm) Fry Pan of that line.